Student Employment Opportunities with UASC

The University Academic Support Centers (UASC) typically employs over 120 KU students (undergraduate and graduate students) each year in various roles. Research has demonstrated that working on-campus can improve student success in the classroom. 

UASC hires students as office assistants, tutors, supplemental instruction leaders, undergraduate and graduate writing consultants, graduate program coordinators, peer academic coaches/mentors, academic success workshop facilitators, text editors, and in-class academic aides for students with disabilities. We are looking for students interested in supporting the diverse KU student population.

UASC strives to make diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging a core reflex, not just an initiative. We believe students learn best when they feel a sense of commitment from our staff to create authentic and welcoming environments that celebrate their differences and empower their unique capabilities.

How to Apply for Student Staff Positions

Open positions are available online for prospective applicants to search and apply 24/7 at your desktop or mobile device by accessing the KU employment web page.  Job listings are posted in real time and are made available to applicants at the time in which they are opened. Visit the KU student employment website and follow the steps below to apply for our various open positions. 

  • For finding a specific position on the Student Job Search page, type in the requisition number in the search box. Many positions are pool positions which means we review applications weekly.
  • Requisition numbers for open positions are listed below.


Applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted via phone or email. Disregard the close date listed as hiring will continue past the close date until positions are filled.

*All positions are Federal Work-Study eligible. However, only Office Assistant applicants must have Federal Work-Study to be hired (Federal Work-Study required). In addition, applicants do not have to be Work Study eligible to apply for tutoring, peer mentoring/coaching, text editing, and supplemental instruction positions. Get more information about Federal Work-Study or submit a Federal Work-Study Request

Student Testimonials 

—(Social Media Intern)

I like the freedom that we are given as social media interns to come up with our own ideas, and our input is always taken seriously by the professional staff. There is a lot of support from the staff, so I always know what is expected of me. I always like coming up with new designs for posts or ideas on how to reach students.

—(Office Assistant)

It’s a perfect college office job. The workload is minimal, leaving time for homework, the people are very nice and easy to work with, and I get to be part of a great organization that genuinely helps students.

—(Writing Consultant)

Working with students at the Writing Center has allowed me to feel more close to the KU community. I get to help people navigate their writing in a way that leaves both them and me feeling satisfied after an appointment, and that is so special to me.

Available Positions

New Positions Available
Posting TitleIDDepartmentPrimary CampusReg/Temp
SAC Academic Aide - Student Editors – Student Hourly25387BRUniversity Academic Support CtUniversity of Kansas Lawrence CampusTemporary
SAC Academic Aide-General Classroom Aide – Student Hourly26232BRUniversity Academic Support CtUniversity of Kansas Lawrence CampusTemporary


New Position Available!
Posting TitleIDDepartmentPrimary CampusReg/Temp
Graduate Writing Consultant - Student Hourly26516BRUniversity Academic Support CtUniversity of Kansas Lawrence CampusTemporary